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The Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP) is more than an industry association. We aspire to be the globalization operating system and the growth engine of the Asia Pacific region—both metaphorically and literally.

GoAP will not only be a forum for sharing knowledge and networking with people, we are here to inspire innovation, help develop technologies, promote international commerce, incubate new ventures, make introductions, and facilitate transactions.

As members of GoAP, you will have exclusive access to our unique, proprietary marketplaces, exclusive access to industry resources, network with your peers, prospective partners, clients, and suppliers, stay up-to-date with industry events, receive exclusive discounts to both GoAP events as well as partner events, products, and services.

GoAP membership is only US$300 for one year, beginning with the date of your registration. Join us today! You and your staff will immediately enjoy the many membership benefits GoAP offers.

We want you!

Do you have questions or would like to learn more about GoAP? Use this form to schedule a time with a staff member or GoAP ambassador. Contact us at membership@goap-global.com or call us at +1 609.379.2764.