Solving the Localization Industry Talent Gap


Date: Thursday November 4, 2021 11:00 AM EDT

Have you had challenges hiring project managers and localization engineers? Not finding the candidates with the right skill sets? GoAP is pleased to present this webinar in which language managers in the language industry discuss the challenges they face in the talent gap.

This webinar is intended for language industry hiring managers, executives, company owners, and other interested stakeholders who have a stake in a healthy and vibrant labor ecosystem.

Moderator: Ágnes Gazsó, BeLazy
Panelists: Gilberto Segura, CTO, Compass Languages; Steve Lank, Vice President of Operations, Cesco Language Services; Steve Chu, President Treehouse Strategy; Jacqueline Yanus, Regional Program Director, RWS Group; Nicole Bryan, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Fordham University 



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Cesco Linguistic Services

Fordham University