Partnerships and Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

The Program welcomes industry partners and sponsors. There are opportunities available for Product Sponsorship, Advanced Product Training Sponsorship, Product Certificate, Scholarship Sponsorship, Internship or Job Sponsorship, Joint Marketing.


Ways in which Companies can partner with the Certification Program

Product Sponsorship – Product companies may partner with the Certification Program by providing free licenses for the purpose of teaching and training the students

Advanced Product Training Sponsorship – Product companies may sponsor the creation of an additional training module or practicum that focuses on the real-world application of your products.

Named Scholarship Sponsorship – Private sector companies—whether they are product or service companies—can offer either merit- or need-based scholarships named after the company to students

Internship or Job Sponsorship – Private sector can offer internship or employment to graduates

 Advertising Sponsorship – Private sector companies can sponsor an online digital advertisement campaign so that the company’s logo and product will appear in a digital banner ad alongside with the Certification Program.



Value Proposition to Technology Partners

Employees/students will be trained in your products and technologies, making them more attractive to employers. Employees/students who are well-versed in your company’s products and technologies will become advocates and evangelists for your products, and are more likely to recommend to their employers to purchase products from your company.



  • Treehouse Strategy and this Certification Program will help solve a known language industry problem for employers who are seeking qualified management and technical professionals by providing practical training in localization management. Treehouse Strategy will fill a gap in the higher education space as most programs—degree and certification programs alike—generally focus on translation and interpretation.
  • Treehouse Strategy can partner with the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP) GoAP to provide career opportunities via a job market offering internship and fulltime employment.
  • GoAP can partner with the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP)—a global industry trade association in the globalization and localization industry—to provide industry certification.
  • The program director will seek corporate sponsorship, via GoAP as a vehicle, to provide corporate-funded scholarships to economically disadvantaged students—particularly to immigrant communities that are already bi- or multilingual.
  • Through an industry partnership with GoAP, Treehouse Strategy will cement a reputation in the language industry that provides training that is relevant, practical, and marketable.
  • This Certification Program will be bringing new revenue to the company by providing

For more information, please contact the Program Director Steve Chu at