GoAP Online Conference: Working During and After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we work and live. Join our expert speakers and panelists as they discuss how on how companies can adapt to this brave new world.

This event is hosted by the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP)–in conjunction with Women in Localization.

Interpretation in Chinese is available, sponsored by Akkadu. 亚太全球化本地化协会将会提供同声传译, 由Akkadu赞助.


Event Recording




Working with Asia Post Covid-19: Trends in Technology, Lifestyle, and Connection


Sara Maria Hasbun, Meridian Linguistics


Disaster recovery


Chrysostomos Psaroudakis, Creative People


Remote Project Management


Working remotely – maintaining organizational culture


Gloria Lee, Glocalize


Video remote interpreting (VRI) via Boostlingo


Dieter Runge, Boostlingo


Covid-19’s Impact on the Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Industry in China


Alvaro Montoya, Akkadu


Multilingual Web Conference





Shelley Halaba, Qwerty

This online conference is hosted by the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP).

To learn more about the GoAP, visit our website at www.goap-global.com.

The online conference is hosted in conjunction with Women in Localization.

Speakers Biography

Sara Maria Hasbun

Founder, Meridian Linguistics

Sara Maria Hasbun is the founder of Meridian Linguistics, a Hong Kong-based consultancy offering linguistic services (language data, linguistic annotation, and linguistic analysis) to technology companies.

Chrysostomos Psaroudakis

Owner, Creative People

Chrysostomos “Makis” Psaroudakis is the founder and owner of Creative People in Greece and Creative People IT Ltd in the UK.

He studied in Piraeus, London, Jyväskylä and Cyprus where he had his PhD in IP Communications. He speaks fluent Greek, English, and French. Has more than 20 years of experience in IT the Management of Banking and Finance, Defense, Transportation and Chemicals.

Fond of high tech, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and complicated IT designs, Makis specializes in IT Infrastructures, Data Protection and Quality Assurance Systems.

Steve Chu

President, Treehouse Strategy

Steve Chu is a veteran in the localization industry with 20 years of diversified management experience in general management, sales, marketing, and operations.

With significant international business experience in Asia, the United States, and Europe, Steve founded the Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP) with a simple belief-that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And that idea is GoAP. After spending more than a decade in the financial communications industry managing Asia operations, US operations, technology, product development, and marketing, Steve is the founder and President of Treehouse Strategy with the purpose of using big data and business analytics to drive business growth and help companies get to the next level.

Through Treehouse Strategy, Steve and his associates as well as partners have helped their clients develop their sales and marketing strategies, develop new customers, expand into new markets, streamline operations, as well as implement business and technology solutions. Steve received his B.A. from Columbia University and his M.A. in communication from Iowa State University.

Gloria Lee

CEO, Glocalize Inc.

Gloria Lee heads the Korea Chapter for Women in Localization and is CEO at Glocalize Inc. Gloria was born in South Korea and raised in the US with full exposure to two different cultures. With her passions of languages, she has studied Chinese literature in college and earned her Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation for English and Korean at MIIS,

Monterey USA. She has worked as a linguist, localization specialist, and localization project and program manager in various sectors of different industries, looking at the localization processes and overseeing a cycle of a product/service going from local to globalization.

Dieter Runge

Co-Founder, VP – Boostlingo

Dieter began his career in the film and digital media and e-learning space in 1987, transitioning into the language services and language technology sector in 2000. Over the past twenty years Dieter has held roles in research and development, global operations and international sales and marketing with language service companies in the US, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Most recently, Dieter co-founded Silicon Valley-based technology company, Boostlingo. Boostlingo develops cost effective software solutions for the language services and telehealth industry and has released the next generation interpretation management and communications platform for on-site and on-demand telephonic and video remote interpretation solutions delivery.

Dieter holds a B.A. in Radio, Film and Television studies from San Jose State University in California and an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from McGill University in Montreal. Dieter currently splits his time bi-continentally between the Boostlingo base of operations in San Francisco and his Asia-Pacific home base in Sydney Australia.

Alvaro Montoya


Alvaro Montoya is very passionate about solving problems. Since we only have one life, wouldn’t be great we can spend it helping others while enjoying doing it?

That’s my way of being an entrepreneur! During the last decade, Alvaro has built many prototypes trying to solve different kind of problems: from a mobile app to help learn Chinese to a manage storage software to help his neighbor manage his inventory to a 3D virtual reality tour guide service for museums to Akkadu: originally a live translated subtitles solution for universities & lectures, with the mission to help students learn in their own language. Pivoted few times but still with the same mission we managed to fundraise and now we are an amazing team making our product better and more accessible.

Michelle Cartin

Business Development Manager, KUDO

Michelle joined KUDO as a Business Development Manager at the newly created office in Geneva, Switzerland, over a month ago. Before joining KUDO, Michelle worked for senseFly, one of the leading drone manufacturers worldwide,  where she managed events and took care of strategic partnerships at a global level. Prior to this, she was part of the team in charge of the largest environmental event worldwide, the IUCN World Conservation Congress. She was key in delivering the Congress on three of its sessions, Spain in 2008, South Korea in 2012 & USA in 2016, with 10´000 attendees and almost 3´000 interactive sessions running over five days.

With an innate enthusiasm for nurturing relationships, her responsibilities at KUDO include managing relationships with Partners worldwide as well as providing outstanding customer service to European clients, with a particular focus on international organizations. Michelle has studies in Business Administration and event facilitation; she is a certified PRINCE2 Project Manager and is currently studying Psychology at the Open University in the UK. Michelle is fluent in Spanish, French,  English and studied mandarin for a year, although she can barely say 你好.



Shelley is an industry young gun who jumped in the language service world fresh of the University of the Philippines – Visayas with a major in Communications and Media Studies. She has been working with QwertyWorks, the pioneer language service provider in the Philippines which has been operating for 18 years now.

In almost 7 years, she has experience working with different role from Project Management, Vendor Management, Account Management and acts as a back-up Linguist for Philippine local languages. Currently a Sales Specialist for Qwertyworks coordinating with partners across the globe helping them reach South East Asian market.

She is eagerly and continuously learning, navigating through the Language Industry sphere advancing the just cause to bridge different global markets through language.