The GoAP 2019 Conference December 5-6, 2019, Seoul, KOREA

Theme: "The Next Big Idea"

Before Huawei and Foxconn, there was Samsung. Before Samsung, there was Acer. And before that, there was Sony.

The list, of course, goes on. There is Tencent, whose WeChat messenging app is fast becoming the de facto operating system of life in China. People in China don’t just chat on WeChat; they make payments, stream events, order food, buy tickets, make reservations with restaurants and appointments with doctors—all on WeChat. In a nod to Tencent, Facebook is going to focus more on messenging rather than its core social sharing platform.

The list of Asian companies going global—whether it’s in the technology sector or another industry—goes on and on. It’s not surprising that three of the world’s largest economies are in Asia, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Not only are Western companies continuing to come to Asia, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region to expand business opportunities, APAC companies are also increasingly going global. And with private companies such as SpaceX engaged in private sector, commercial space exploration, companies are not just going global anymore. They are going universal—into the universe! The aerospace industry—long a duopoly between the US-based Boeing and the France-based Airbus, will soon see competition from the state-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) in the next few years if China were to succeed in its “Made in China 2025” aviation industry initiative.

GoAP 2019 will be about the next set of ideas—big or small—that drive globalization and localization forward.

Thus, we invite proposals that explore how new ideas—big or small—are shaping the global landscape. We invite participants, stakeholders, contributors, and decision-makers who are engaged in globalization, internationalization, and localization. We cordially invite marketers and sales professionals who are looking to expand beyond borders; we would like to hear from localizers who translate, adapt, and package an organization’s products and services for a different culture, audience, and language. We request proposals from technologists who develop the enabling tools and platforms that make globalization and localization possible—whether it’s in AI, machine translation, big data, machine learning, voice technology, innovations in hardware, new processes, or robotics.

Program Tracks

We invite proposals in the following program tracks:

Research and Technology

Globalization and internationalization

Sales and marketing

Operations Management

Quality and Process Improvement

Future of the Industry

Session Types

Interactive Panel Discussions

Long-format panel discussions that engage the audience in a dialogue around a specific topic. Two to four panelists. Joint representation from client and provider sides encouraged. (60-90 minutes)

Master Class Sessions

Workshops that present expert-level, practical training in a specific discipline or topic. Joint representation from client and provider sides, or providers’ partnerships, encouraged. (90-minutes)


Presentations of research, best practices, case studies, or topics that provoke thoughts, promote discussions, or inspire ideas. (45 – 60 minutes)

Session Levels

Who is the audience?

Not surprisingly, the audience for a conference about globalization and localization will be diverse. GoAP conferences attract experienced professionals, executives, and business owners from companies that either are going global or participate in helping those companies localize their products and services. These include people from “the client” side from a variety of different industries, language services and language technology professionals, executives and managers at multinational organizations, and individuals from government, research, and educational institutions.

Selection Criteria

Address the conference theme clearly

Align with one of the program tracks

Cover topics in an informative fashion for a savvy audience

Not be an overt sales pitch

We would like to see presentations that engage and excite the audience.

Please complete your application using the form below. 

Contact us at with any questions about the GoAP 2019 submission and review process.